Hello! I’m Rebecca and I’m Psychology graduate living in Oxfordshire with my fiance and fluffy pup Luna!

Rebeccamiss was created in 2020 from passion and it has completely taken over my life and has lead to many amazing opportunities which I am always so grateful for, it’s also an amazing outlet where I can allow my creativity to run wild. I love sharing my personal style, lifestyle and beauty posts with everyone who wishes to read.

This is place where I can be myself and is somewhere that people can trust, I’m always honest as that’s how I am as a person and I feel it’s something that people really appreciate. I’ve worked with a number of top fashion and beauty brands throughout the years and have been a part of many amazing campaigns.

Another passion of mine is YouTube where I love to make videos about a variety of different things such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and vlogging my life. You can check out my YouTube channel here if you wanted!