I have been using Sea Osmoter Concentrate for so many years and I have found it to be very effective in smoothing my skin and delaying the appearance of wrinkles on my face.

Replenish, hydrate and re-brighten skin for a younger-looking complexion with a serum that can be used under any moisturizer or as a base before makeup. It provides daily hydration and care to keep skin cool and looking its best with or without makeup.

It increases the energy of cells to improve their renewal and function, making the skin better resistant to environmental aggressions. Concentrated form with multiple layers to improve hydration. Really love this product, works great before toner and moisturizer. When I wear it, I occasionally notice a slight tingling, as well as subtle brightening and even skin tone.

I love this product! It is not greasy, but I would say it conditions my skin.




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