Ahava Mineral Body Lotion is a luxurious, lightweight lotion enriched with Dead Sea minerals.

I love sleek and simple packaging. The pump dispenser makes it very hygienic, while controlling the amount of product taken out during use, thus controlling waste.

The texture and consistency of the lotion is really good, neither too thick nor too runny. Hence it is easy to apply without compromising the moisturizing properties. The lotion gets absorbed into the skin instantly and the skin feels very smooth and soft right away. No greasy or sticky feel.

It is so moisturizing and smells great. The texture is like water on the face. This particular one smells like a baby. It has the perfect oiliness and consistency when you apply it on the skin.

Just apply it once in the morning and my skin stays hydrated. This also works as a great hand cream as the skin on the hands still feels moisturized even after a few washes.

I highly recommend!


$31.00  ‎8.5 fl.oz /250 ml


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